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Welcome to Faithful to the End - the website devoted to the Five Blessed Martyrs from the Salesian oratory in Poznań.

    On 24 August 1942, after unfair trial five pupils from Salesian oratory in Poznań were guillotined at the courtyard of the Dresden prison. Their lives, sufferings and deaths are testimonies of heroism, of which are capable young people. As the Pope John Paul II rightly named them the guardians of the morning, young people are willing to notice every grain of good, the truth and beauty, which exist in the world, and what's more important, willing to announce to rise of the Sun who is Jesus Christ.

(1919 - 1942)

  • He had five sisters.
  • At the age of 4, he lost his father, and therefore he was raised in poor material conditions.
  • He was small, lively and impulsive.
  • When he was a student, he was doing a casual job to help the family.
  • Talented in music. Thanks to the Salesians he learnt to play the piano, the accordion and the violin. He also sung solo parts in a choir and wanted to become an organist.
  • In the oratory he was called “a composer”.
  • He liked going to the theatre, to the opera or to the cinema. He also appeared in theatre performances staged in the oratory and other places in Poznań.
  • He was passionately fond of sport and sports games.
  • He wanted to have a family. Therefore, he prayed for his future wife.
  • During occupation he kept working as an apprentice in a metalworking shop.
  • Arrested at the age of 20.
  • In prison he was liked even by ordinary criminals.
  • He treated his mother and sisters with much love.

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